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Lowe & Moyer Garage Inc.

Our history began with Lawrence W. Lowe leaving the W. J. Lowe and Sons stone quarry (his fathers business) located in Martins Creek, Pennsylvania. The quarry had been sold. Having a back ground in hauling stone, the transportation industry seemed to be the perfect fit. Working as a mechanic for a few years before partnering with his Son-in-law and business partner Harry F. Moyer. Harry also worked at the quarry repairing the trucks and hauling stone prior to closing. Both Lawrence and Harry now employed as mechanics at C.F.Merkels Garage, a company formed in 1933 in Fogelsville Pennsylvania.(see below) C.F. Merkels was a dealer for International Harvester Trucks, Cub Cadet lawn tractors and Corsair travel trailers back then. The dealership was offered to them in 1966. The purchase was made and the name was changed to Lowe and Moyer Garage Inc., as we know it today. Incorporated in 1972, the two decided to focus on what they know best, trucks! Today Lowe and Moyer employs 50 people. The focus is still the same, quality International trucks for all transportation needs with repairs completed on time to keep your business profitable. The dealership is still a family business employing the second and now third generation. Fifty years serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area. We are truly blessed. Thank you to our many loyal customers.

Lowe and Moyer Garage offers a full line of brand new International Trucks. Trucks including light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty trucks. No matter which type of International Truck you are looking for, we can help you get into the Brand New International Truck of your choice.

Lowe and Moyer also offers fitted trucks such as Dump Trucks, Dry Freight Vans, Fuel Oil Tanks, and more. If you want to find out about Lowe and Moyer's fitted trucks, please call us today at (610) 395-2072 or contact us online